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Rose 87040, Italia - 1 settimana fa su
Offering the Official release cd: guns N roses: chinese democracy See photo for track list Questions welcome More cds dvds toys books comics in ebay store Your browser does not support javascript. To view this page, enable javascript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser. Can reduce shipping costs for two or more purchase s !!! C ontact us ...
guns N roses cd axl rose chinese democracy Catcher in the ...
Saint-Pierre 11010, Italia - 2 giorni fa su
Christian Bale delivers one of cinema's most sacrificial performances in Brad Anderson's mesmerizing thriller. Written by Scott Kosar (2003's the texas chainsaw massacre), the machinist takes ...the day Trevor works in a colorless industrial factory, while at night he seeks refuge in the bed of a tender prostitute, Stevie (Jennifer Jason Leigh). For reasons unknown even ... ...
The Machinist (dvd, 2005, Widescreen Collection)
Prezzo 38085, Italia - 4 giorni fa su
Jerri Blank (Amy Sedaris) has been a runaway, prostitute, drug addict, and general misfit all her life. But upon her release from prison, the 46-year-old decides it's time to clean up her life, move back in with her family, and earn a high school diploma. Starting over as a freshman, hapless Jerri returns to class amidst ...
Strangers with Candy - Season 2 (dvd, 2003, 2-Disc Set) Amy ...
Candela 71024, Italia - 4 giorni fa su
Description Cecilia Roth stars in this celebrated film from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Distraught over the death of her teenage son, Manuela drives to Barcelona to find the boy'...less reputable districts, she also meets up with Agrado (Antonia San Juan), a sassy transvestite prostitute, and Rosa (Penelope Cruz), a pregnant nun on her way to El Salvador. She ...
All About My Mother dvd Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes ...
Ora 39040, Italia - 4 giorni fa su
Nihilism, violence and personal degradation rule the day. Directed by pulp fiction producer Roger Avary. American safe-cracker and ex-con Zed has just arrived in Paris where he ...rendezvous with Eric, Zed spends $200 for a night with Zoe, an angelic, nymph-like prostitute. But their post-coital morning is rudely interrupted by the arrival of Zed's ...
Killing Zoe dvd By Eric Stoltz,Jean-Hugues Anglade,Samuel ...
Ultimo 39016, Italia - 5 giorni fa su
The talented screenwriter Stewart Stern (rebel without A cause, which featured an early performance by Dennis Hopper) is credited with the screenplay for this bizarre film that followed Hopper'...of one of the actors, stuntman Kansas (Hopper) chooses to stay behind with his lover, Maria (Stella Garcia), a local prostitute, and hopefully build a hotel. The villagers have been ... ...
Dennis Hopper s the last movie vhs•Peter Fonda•Kris ...
Ultimo 39016, Italia - 6 giorni fa su
...Pusher 1', Frank (the heroin pusher), Milo (the smack supplier), and Frank's girlfriend (the prostitute) experience a series of ups and downs as Frank gets busted, released and then is given 2 days to pay back debts or be introduced to a 9mm bullet. Also includes Pusher 2' and 'Pusher 3'. Credits Leading Role 1 Kim Bodnia Leading Role ...
Pusher Trilogy dvd
Palau 07020, Italia - 1 settimana fa su with a band of gangsters who've forced her into a career as a prostitute in Israel. Galia's minders offer to let he go back home to her ...
The Assassin Next Door dvd By Olga Kurylenko
Arbus 09031, Italia - 1 settimana fa su
...a good-natured sailor on shore leave, begins a bittersweet romance with a hard-bitten prostitute, Maggie (Marsha Mason), who has an illegitimate black son in need of a father. When Maggie runs away, the sentimental John goes awol to find her, in an effort to make a family out of their unlikely coupling. Especially strong performances by Caan and ...
Cinderella Liberty, Very Good dvd, Allan Arbus, Fred ...
Malè 38027, Italia - 1 settimana fa su
Rob Schneider is Deuce Bigalow, a bumbling fish tank cleaner. When Antoine, a successful gigolo with a sick fish, has to leave the country for a few weeks, he ...him pay for the damages. tj turns him, in a series of absurd preparations, into a prostitute. The subsequent encounters with self-conscious females provide the film with its biggest ... ...
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (dvd, 2000)
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